Barrow, Tracey Principal
Odom, Landon Assistant Principal
Fjeran, Yvonne Counselor

Carter, Jennifer English
Crews, Judy Media Specialist
Fjeran, Yvonne Counselor
Glisson, Kathryn Business Education/CTAE
Gordon, Brad Social Studies
Holloway, Keith Social Studies/Athletic Director
Jones, Scott Music/Band Director
Joyner, Justin Health and Physical Education
Ledbetter, Linda Science/Dept. Chair
Ledford, Ryan Math
Lowery, Wesley Special Education
Lyle, Ian English
Lyle, Mark Science
Marinelli, Joey Math
Maske, Rick Science
McDill, Liz Art
Morrison, Alene English
Newton, Allen Social Studies
Odom, Landon Assistant Principal
Rainwater, Shannon Foreign Language
Sanders, Patrice English
Shelton, Sonya ISS/Attendance Clerk
Slate, Ethan Health & Physical Ed
Smith, Austin Math
Traylor, Wade Social Studies
Webb, Nikki Agriculture/CTAE
Wright, Randall Health and Physical Education
Wright, Tyler Math

Bowman, Joyce Paraprofessional
Collins, Amy Bookkeeper
Prater, Melody Secretary
Roberts, Kathy Paraprofessional
Shelton, Sonya ISS/Attendance Clerk

President, Band Booster Band
Bradley, Carole Food Services, Manager
Helton, Bonnie Food Services, Asst. Manager
House, Jeanne Food Services
Jiles, Elaine Food Services