Principal's Welcome
Mr. Odom


Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians:

Welcome to Mt. Zion High School, where our mission is to teach, guide and support students so they can become individually successful.  The MZHS team is excited about the opportunity to support you as you complete your high school career. We are expecting a GREAT year, and we look forward to working with all of you to make success a reality.

The high school experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity and can never be recaptured. Our desire is that each student will take advantage of curricular and extracurricular experiences as they grow academically, physically, and emotionally into fine young men and women. We hope each of you will accept a personal challenge to succeed academically, to respect one another, and to create a more tolerant school, community, and world. High School is an important time in your lives, and it is certainly a time to create good, lifelong habits.

We are delighted that you are a student at Mt. Zion High School, and we hope that you will have an exciting, memorable year.


Landon Odom