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New MOWR Requirements for the University of West Georgia (Updated Jan, 2017)

Beginning May 13th, we(UWG) will no longer be accepting 9th graders. However, if a 9th grade applicant submits all required documents for acceptance prior to May 13th, we will be able to grandfather them in and have them enrolled for Fall 2017, under our old requirements.

Please see below our new requirements beginning May 13, 2017 for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.

10th Graders: • Student must be a High School Sophomore when enrollment begins • 3.5 unweighted, academic high school GPA • One of the following: -- 1650 Combined Critical Reading and Math SAT score or 25 Composite ACT score -- 650 SAT Critical Reading score or 26 ACT English score -- 650 SAT Math score or 26 ACT Math score -- 600 SAT Writing score or 26 ACT Writing score

11th and 12th Graders (No changes)  • 3.0 unweighted, academic high school GPA • The following test scores: -- 970 Combined Critical Reading and Math SAT score or 20 Composite ACT score -- 430 SAT Critical Reading score or 17 ACT English score -- 410 SAT Math score or 17 ACT Math score (Please keep in mind, these are the OLD SAT Scores, any scores on the redesigned SAT will be converted back to the old scoring system.)