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Student Email Initiative


Carroll County Schools Student Email Initiative

Spring, 2016

Electronic communication is becoming commonplace in higher educational institutions and the workplace.  For this reason, Carroll County Schools believes allowing students access to email helps prepare them to be globally competitive, college and career ready graduates.  Effective spring semester of 2016, middle school and high school student email accounts will be opened through the Carroll County Schools Google account.  High school students will have access outside the domain; middle school students will be limited to the district domain.

 Mt. Zion High School is a pilot school for student email roll out. 

As a parent or guardian of a MZHS student, if you wish to deny permission for Carroll County Schools and/or your child's school to allow him/her access to a Google email account, please complete and submit a "Student Email Refusal Form" immediately.  Click link below to access the forms.

Administrative Forms-Student Email Refusal Form