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National Honor Society

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Welcome to the National Honor Society Organization

Hi! We would like to welcome you to the National Honor Society webpage at Mt. Zion High School. We are so proud of our members. National Honor Society is a premier organization that admits students to the club based on exceptionally high grade point averages and a student's willingness to work in service to our Mt. Zion community. 

Please visit often to see volunteer opportunities and ways students can earn service points for their cord for graduation.

Currently, students can earn one point for a bag of candy to hand out at Mt. Zion's annual Trunk or Treat extravaganza. Students can earn one point per bag with a maximum of 3 points (or 3 bags of candy). We encourage you to donate so that this event is successful.

Josie Hennesy suggested contacting the Mt. Zion recreational department and speak to her dad, Mr. Hennesy, to see what any student can do to volunteer there. For each hour you work, you will receive a point.



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